The Combine – Witness


1. Architect

2. Mutation

3. Picante

4. Carnivorous

5. Desut Sensations

6. Behemoth

7. Avalon

8. Ruin Everything

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Product Description

New to St. John’s, The Combine have gained a fan base and significant experience in Stephenville. Playing together for over three years, they’ve developed a distinct and rare prog-metal sound.

Mastodon, Kyuss, and Protest the Hero are some of the intense influences on these metal lovers. Supreme produced, there is a crystal-clear distinction between instrumentation and vocals, an essential element to their appeal.

In the midst of all the heavy complex metal are tasteful sections of musical white space followed by explosions of guitar-shredding. These boys know what a breakdown means and how to use it.

Intense and interesting, truly talented.