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My Name is Mathias

Various Artists – My Name is Mathias


1. My Name is Mathias – Dan Mangan
2. I Love the Things That People Make (Part 1) – Mike O’Neill
3. Holidaymakers – More Eats
4. Travel Writers – Construction & Destruction
5. 2nd Cigarette – Daantje & the Golden Handwerk
6. Slip Away – Dave Bidini
7. The Things That People Make (Part 3) – Great Lake Swimmers
8. Municipal Monarchs – Jenny Omnichord
9. Sentimentalists – John K. Samson
10. Everything You Believe is a Lie – Man Meets Bear
11. Old World – Kim Barlow
12. Like an Anvil – Michael Feuerstack
13. It Happens in Florida – Moke’s
14. Hide in the Sea (Spring Breakup Cover) – Mykey
15. Remote Control – Nick Ferrio
16. Grave Situation Pt. 1 – Susie Asado
17. Last Will and Testament – Karsten `K-Dawg`Fecht
18. I Love the Burning Hell – Phoebe Kreutz and Matt Colbourn

Product Description

`We would like to thank all of the inspiring musicians that contributed their time and talent to this fun and special album. Your renditions of these Burning Hell songs are stunning and beautiful.

Many of you holding this album have met Mathias Kom. We`re sure he came to your town to play music, or to help you move, he stayed for a couple days and left a lasting impression in your hearts. He is an incredible artist, and an awe-inspiring stage performer… yes, we all know tat. But most of all, he is one of the kindest people we`ve ever met. Some of us play music with Mathias (an experience we recommend to everyone), some of us are long time friends of his, while others are new acquaintances that will soon become devout Burning Hell fans.

Mathias! Thank you so much for being you and writing such great songs.

At press time Mathias did not know this album was being produced, but we know he would want to thank his main partner in music and life, Ariel Sharratt, as well as all the current and past members of Burning Hell.

And lastly, thanks to you fr picking up this album.`

Nick and Andrew