Various Artists – Our Songs Volume One


1. Mark Hiscock “Fishin’ In A Dory”
2. RASA “The Northern Lights Of Labrador”
3. Chris Andrews “The Cliffs Of Baccalieu”
4. Tom Nemec “Squid Jiggin’ Ground”
5. Larry Foley “Signal Hill”
6. Chris Andrews “The Star Of Logy Bay”
7. Mark Hiscock “Tribute to Newfoundland”
8. RASA “Old Brown’s Daughter”
9. Con O’Brien “My Sweet Forget Me Not”
10. Chris Andrews “Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s”
11. Chris Andrews & Mark Hiscock “I’se Da Bye”
12. Fred Jorgensen “Hard Times”
13. Group “We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar”

Product Description

What a novel idea…to record old time Newfoundland songs in an old time Newfoundland way! Harder to find than one would think…This is the cd for homesick Newfoundlanders.