Waterfront Fire

Waterfront Fire – First Light


1. First Light 04:19
2. Tall Like Trees 03:39
3. Just Breathe It In 03:48
4. For What It's Worth 03:36
5. Stormy Weather 04:35
6. Glass House 00:34
7. Illusions 03:14
8. The Walls 05:05
9. Tomorrow 03:11
10. Machines 03:18
11. Chemicals 03:41

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Product Description

First Light is a concept album based off the Buddhist concept “Samsara” that explores the life and death cycle of nature, the universe and human life itself. The CD opens with a flat line heart beat monitor, the birth of the album, which starts to beat and leads into the opening title track, “First Light”. The album then follows in sequential order with songs relating to growth and prosperity which throughout the album begin to transition into destruction and eventual decay. The final song, named “Chemicals”, brings the concept album full circle and conceptualizes the idea that all matter will eventually break down into the basic chemicals they are composed of. The song and album ends with the heart beat monitor slowing down to a flat line and, if the album is played on repeat, loops back into the first track again to give the cyclic concept even more meaning.