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Burning Hell – People


1.  Grown-ups

2.  Holidaymakers

3.  Amateur Rappers

4.  Realists

5.  Sentimentalists

6.  Barbarians

7.  Wallflowers

8.  Travel Writers

9.  Industrialists

Product Description

Burning Hell is “a haunting beast with many heads but sometimes only one appears” as described in one of many bios of the band.  Lyrics often humorous, wry and prosey – think Rheostatics, The Tragically Hip but with a crazy-ass act.  Pop orchestra wildly weaving throughout.  Truly theatrical on stage, Burning Hell can revive that energy to your own room (or party) on “People”.

Elements of klezmer and improv, pop-jazz mix in with the artistic exchanges of band members as Mathias Kom struts out his lyrical musings.  Great stuff.