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Ed Kavanagh – Weaving the Wind


Newfoundland classics performed on the celtic harp by Ed Kavanagh and some of the best musicians in town!

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1. Jerry’s Planxty
2. The Cliffs of Baccalieu
3. The Green Shores of Fogo
4. The Banks of Newfoundland
5. Therese’s Planxty
6. Johnny’s Waltz
7. The Foggy Dew
8. Valerie’s Planxty
9. The Waltz in the House
10. Planzty Beatrix
11. She’s like the Swallow
12. Weaving the Wind
13. Let me Fish off Cape St. Mary’s
14. Bright Phoebe/The Maid of Newfoundland
15. Le Velours dans le Vent
16. Brave Marin
17. Memory Waltz
18. Kerry Polka/Paddy’s Jig