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Shanneyganock – Live at O’Reilly’s


1. Old Maid in the Garrett/Gravel Walk
2. The Islander
3. The Jig is Up
4. The Dundee Cat
5. South Australia
6. After Hours
7. Lish Young Buy a Broom
8. Peggy Gordon
9. 10 Comandments
10. 17 Come Sunday / Kerry Polka
11. I’se Da Bye
12. Lark in the Morning
13. Daddy Shot the Cat / O’Reilly’s Reels
14. Banks of Newfoundland (Encore)

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Product Description

Fifteen foggy years ago, Mark Hiscock and Chris Andrews were double booked at a small pub in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Rather than cancel one performer, the charismatic owner suggested they play together and so was born Shanneyganock. Joined by longtime bassist Bob Pike, and Billy Sutton on drums, the group has since charmed many through their stirring ballads, powerful shanties, and rib-rattling jigs and reels. This album serves to capture the band’s infectious, spirited and charismatic live show, one that has made them one of the most beloved and enjoyed bands in Newfoundland and beyond. From Chris Andrews’ booming baritone voice to Mark Hiscocks’ fierce accordion playing, this album has it all and as a result, it is one of our most popular titles.